hello my name is hat and i'd prefer if you use "they" when referring to me. thank you. oppa gangnam style.


i’m an activist for men’s frights. i dont think men are afraid often enough. i just want to give them a good scare once in a while. just spook some dudes.

jogging with my tf2 gf


me: bby ur so slow
her: that me server connection

tfw when the aquabats are coming to your state near ur birthday and you got yourself all pumped but nobody else seems to grasp how cool they are


When people tell you ya look pretty and your outfit is radical


here i am with my democlan, democlan here we stand.

chargin targe, i’m on my way
splendid screen, i’ll be ok
Getting ready to fight on sight!
Come on best friends by my side!

sniper and spy are really cool

janey doe, the beautiful

Kohagag en Demoman sagohgo mamoe
Kohagag en Demoman sagohgo mamoe

i think.. my soldier tag is gonna be sollychan

i need one and thats the best i got?????


haha ha  ha I wanted to try to draw more DemoSolly…
idek anymore (;゙°´ω°´)


I’ve done so long no vampire!spy and vampirehunter!sniper and then I remembered that in one scene of “Interview with the Vampire”, Louis was quite impressed when he visited a cinema for the first time, because he was able to see the sun again, so I wanted to make a similar scene

and I think Sniper tried his best to get Spy into a normal outfit heh

today was fun!!! in tf2 i found a new meme to hang out with and i was passed down a hat from a fellow medic. :0 they only asked that one day i’d hand off the hat to another player for the sake of tradition. i hope i get the chance to hand down the hat to another medic u vu


really hot things to say during sex:

  • have you seen the sea legs on a dog like that
  • call in now
  • call in later
  • colin farrell
  • colin mochrie
  • cookies don’t even cost this less
  • STOP
  • borderline narcissism
  • bonus deal!!
  • hocus POCUS
  • 1 2 3 4 tell me who you love me more
  • ow


take me to a museum. kiss me on the steps. shove the Mona Lisa up my ass

i need ideas for sfm. send me some and i’ll do them when i wake up

i made a thing in sfm but i dont know if i should post it bc its just another sniperspy thing